Weddings And Parties Decorators

Last week I slept at school together with the teachers and friends because we were being assigned to decorate at the venue of the silver wedding anniversary of our senior pastor that was held in Taipan Hotel. Actually, a day before the decoration we were being told that we would start decorating the venue on Friday night but for some reasons we were not able to decorate that night.

Though, we were not able to decorate at night but we finished decorating the venue an hour before the wedding ceremony started. So we still had enough time to dress up and make ourselves more presentable and beautiful.

Well, back to the decoration, we’ve all tried our best to make beautiful the place because we know that we were not the expert one who would decorate. Actually, the person who would really good in decorating was so busy with the very important things that she needed to attend to. Therefore, I, myself truly volunteered to do the decorations because I understood her situation. Besides, I a few friends who helped me and the result of our work was quite beautiful and presentable. After seeing that our worked looked great we all happy and of course we congratulate ourselves for doing those important works that truly needed to be done.  I believe everyone can do what the expert weddings and parties decorators do as long as you have the passion to do with yourself, and so eager to learn new things. Just like was we did, we decorated the hall with our best and with the sincerity of our hearts to do the work for God’s glory . 🙂 Continue reading


Nutrition Month’s Culmination

July 29, the Golden Harvest Christian Academy celebrated its culmination of the Nutrition Month. The program was so interesting and very captivating by the pupils as well as the parents. It started with the opening prayer followed by the national anthem. And of course, it ended up with closer prayer, which was done by me.

 There were a few contests played, and the teacher of each level would choose the healthiest child in her class. The first contest was to choose the healthiest child with the following criteria. She or he must know how to introduce herself/himself in English. She/he has a talent, and above all, she/he knew how to answer the question and answer portion. In other words, the contestants of the first contest, they should have brains.

 The second contest was eating an apple, I giggled while looking at the little kids eating an apple as fast as they can. There was one pupil that he almost choked himself because he wanted to finish his apple, in conclusion he wanted to be the winner, I guess. Thankfully, he was able to manage or control himself from choking. But, at the end, he was able to get the first prize.

Then the third contest was eating big banana, this contest, the parents would hold the bananas and feed their children. This contest, the numbers of contestants were unlimited, as long as, the child and the parent would like to join the contest, they’re surely welcome and enjoyed feeding their little ones. I, myself, I wanted my niece to join the contest but she was interested to eat a banana so I didn’t force her. But I still enjoyed taking photos of all the contestants as well as watching the little kids eating the bananas as fast as they can.

And the final contest, the master of ceremony told the pupils to stand up and everyone was welcome to join the dance contest. And the designated staff would choose amongst the little ones who would be the best dancer. At first, they chose three the best dancers. And the final, they let the three dancers to come on the stage and danced and this time, the judges would choose who would be the best dancer

After the contests, each level rendered their special presentation. Then after the program we went to our respective classrooms and we had delicious food to feast.

The parents were surely enjoying feeding their children and the children were doing their best to won the prize.

The children were doing their best to be found as a good dancer. By the way, my niece is between the two boys in the first row. I was really surprised seeing her dancing.  Actually, she was very shy to dance before but this time she was not. 🙂

Before they present their special number. These children can really sung well and performed their presentation well as well. And once again, my niece is third from the right, isn’t that obvious? 🙂 Honestly, I am so proud or shall I say, I am so thankful to God that my niece self-esteem has surely been improving. Thank You LORD Continue reading

Teeth Extraction

When I woke up this morning, I heard my niece was crying hard, so I went to their house and when I arrived there, my niece was standing on their small table with so much tears and dirt on her face. I immediately asked her why she cried a lot and she told me that her teeth were aching again. Actually, a couple of days ago, she complained already that her teeth were aching and I only told her to brush her teeth and after she brushed her teeth, according to her, the pained was gone.

But today, she never stopped crying hard, so I decided to bring her again to the dentist and had teeth extraction. Before, I brought her to the dentist, I convinced her to eat but she didn’t eat well she kept on crying because of the pain. So, my sister (not a mother of my niece) and I rushed her to the dentist. As soon as we arrived at the dental clinic, my niece recognized the place and she doesn’t want to come out of the tricycle and she told us that she wanted to go home, because she doesn’t want to see the dentist. We tried to convince and did our best to let her go inside the clinic. While waiting the doctor to look after my niece, she was begging us not to extract her teeth because she was healed already. Honestly, it was so pitiful moment but we looked after that she would not suffer from so much pained anymore especially at night.

So, the time came that the doctor mended my niece, I lied down on the patient’ chair and I let her lied on my body, my sister helped to hold my niece and also the doctor’s assistance so that she couldn’t move while the doctor extracting her teeth.  My niece cried, “Ginoo gikapoy nako” “God I am tired”. My heart melts upon hearing her calling upon God at her very early age,  and I was also touched that she knew whom to call the most in times of hardship. Imagine,she is only 3 years and 6 months old. And I am so thankful to God that what we have been teaching to our little ones, it truly nourishes in their daily life.

 Back to the teeth extraction, the doctor extracted two teeth and one tooth was so damaged already and it broke when she pulled it but she successfully pulled the broken tooth. Thank God, everything went smoothly during the extraction, my niece never bled a lot compared to the last time she had her first teeth extraction, I guess it was a couple of months ago.

With the  experienced of my little niece that she had teeth extraction twice within 3 months to 4 months, I guess. I came out of the resolution that no more buying of any kinds of sweet often or giving a peso to any of my little ones as what had been happening for the past few months, so that, nobody will suffer the toothache again especially my little ones. I also instructed my family members that no one would give any sweet or any amount to the children so that they would not buy candies or any other kinds of sweet, so that none of my little nieces and nephews would not experience teeth extraction anymore


A three day long test had finally finished today. After the test, I let my niece to play with her cousins and friends. Opps! Please don’t get me wrong, actually, during her three day long test; I let her played with her friends and cousins but with limited hours because she had to do her study. Each day, I had to see to it that she had enough time to study because I didn’t her to struggle during her test. And I had been so thankful to her that she had so obedient to me when I told her that it’s time for her to get her books and study and she immediately grabbed her books and sat on my bed and that’s the time we begun to study for a couple of minutes only because she got bored easily.  And I don’t want to force her to study. I want her to study with her own time frame, anyway, she understood already when her teacher discussed or explained the lessons to her. Generally, she loves to study and not to mention, she can recognizes the letter sounds already and she also reads a bit too. 🙂

So today, I heard some parents at school that they would allow their children to watch their favorite movies because the long test just finished. And I also thought that I would surely do the same, that’s why I let Kimberly to play and even watch TV with her grandmother before she went to sleep tonight. But before, she slept she asked me first if we would study first before she would go to bed and I immediately told that, no need for her to study because her exam just finished. Then she smiled and then she prayed and to go bed and she said, “good night auntie and love you” So sweet!

 As I am writing this now, she is soundly asleep already. I am so thankful to God for what He has done with my little ones.  Continue reading

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Long Test

This week would be the schedule of a three day long test of the nursery and kindergarten students at Golden Harvest Christian Academy where my niece is studying in kindergarten 2. Last Thursday, we received the pointers of her exam so on that night; we’ve started reviewing and studying some of the subjects because we couldn’t study all her subjects at once. By the way, the kindergarten 2 students have 9 subjects, and the subjects are the following: Reading, Math, writing, science, sibika, Filipino, language, CLE-(Christian Learning Education) and Art/PE. Unfortunately, during Friday night and Saturday, we never had a chanced to study because I was not feeling well. Good thing that last Sunday afternoon and evening we had enough time to study and we studied Monday night too.

 Today, they finished taking three subjects such as Math, Reading and art. And after my niece dismissed, I asked her if she was able to answer her tests. And she confidently said, “Yes”. Well, one thing that I truly expect from my niece that she could past her exams, and with that, she at least knew and remembered what we studied and also she understood what she was taking about.

 Tonight, we reviewed and studied for her three subjects that she would be taking tomorrow, the three subjects are: Language, Science, and writing. At first, we studied language it seemed she knows everything and what to do. After studying the language, we followed studying science, and on this subject, she only got one mistake. But, I think it is sure good already. About the writing, I, myself is very confident that she would be able to write her complete name. One thing that I’ve really prayed for my niece, I would say nieces and nephews that they would all finish their education because I believe education is the answer to their bright future.

While writing this, my heart rejoices that I am still here to really look after my little nieces and nephews which I never did to my other nieces and nephews (they grown up already) before because I lived in very far places for many years. I would always say that God has never been mistaken that I am still here. But He knows also that how I’ve really desired to be with my special someone. Huh…Opps! I better shut up my mind now before I would say many things that beyond my topic. LOL! Well, well….. Continue reading

The Final Judgement!

Around 9 in the morning I left for the town for my medical check up but before I went to the laboratory for my blood test, I went to the business office to get some blessings. As soon, I had done my errand in the business office, I went straight to the laboratory. But I had to wait for two hours before I would get the result of my blood test. What I did, I went to the cafeteria and had my early brunch and waited until the result would be done.

At exactly 11:00 a.m, I got the result of my blood test. And when I saw the result, I’ve seen the numbers had become bigger compared to the previous result a couple of months ago. I didn’t wait any longer, I went to my doctor’s office, and when I arrived there, there were a couple of patients queuing. Then, my time to inter to the doctor’s office has come. As soon as, I got inside her office, she exclaimed, “Oh you look you lose lots of weights.” Whew… Good news!

And she looked the result of my blood test, and she truly wondered why there was no healing that happened in me yet. In other word, my situation has not showing any good at all, instead it become worst.  And she looked at my record and she really surprised to see that I’ve lose a lot because last February I weighed 67 kilos, and now, I only weigh  56.4 kilos. For me, it has really been good news because my desire is to lose a few kilos. Actually, my goal is to reach 55 kilos or less but I never reach it yet, I still need to lose 1.4 kilo. But according to my doctor it is not good at all that I lose that much. She told me that, it is because of my thyroid glands why I lost repaidly. But, if I will decide, I really like the way I look now. And I am very happy that I’ve lost 5.6 kilos in a couple of months. Isn’t that good news?

 Since, the result of my blood has not been improving so the dosage of my medication of my Thyroid is back to the first day I took my medicine, and with regards to my struggle of my hard-breathing, my doctor only prescribed an inhaler. According to my doctor, most of her patients are suffering from hard-breathing also because of the weather now a days.  And after three weeks, I will be seeing my doctor again. I would say that the final judging was not quiet good in terms of my health but for my weight, it’s really excellent, that’s according my judging. If I would give you a chance to judge of my weight, will you judge the same as mine? Continue reading

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Judging Hours

 Today, I wasn’t able to go to church because of my health. I was struggling from hard breathing once again so I stayed home. Thank God, around 1:30 my breathing was back to normal and until now, PTL! Thank God for my senior pastor’s wife and churchmates and friends who prayed for my healing. God bless your hearts!

 Though, I am feeling well at present but I will still be seeing my doctor.  So tomorrow, I will be seeing the doctor because I cannot tolerant anymore of what has been happening to me. Though sometimes I would be fine for a couple of hours and days and it would come back again and worst, so I will not wait for another days or week, thus I will not risk myself anymore. Honestly, I have really been wondering why I’ve been struggling from on and off hard-breathing, as far as I remember, my doctor told me before that I am not an asthmatic, but because, I am too allergic of the house dust, smoke, pollen, and other stuff. And if severe allergy occurs that would be the time, I will be struggling from my breathing and that has been happening to me for a couple of weeks already. So difficult! 😦

Before I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow, I will be going to have a blood test first for my thyroid, so that I will be bringing the result of my thyroid test and my doctor will be able to see the result also, and I hope that will be done in a day with this errand.  Actually, the blood test, I should be done, last February but for some reasons, I wasn’t able to submit for the blood test. Anyway, I wasn’t worried of delaying my blood test because I know that there would always be a purpose of everything and why I wasn’t able to have my blood test in February. Truthfully,  never panicked nor regretted that I didn’t submit for my blood test that was almost two months ago, as what my doctor recommended me to do so. And I also believe that tomorrow will be a perfect day for me to have my other blood test.

 One thing more that makes me excite for my tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment is that, I will be able to weigh myself and with that I will know whether I lost a few pounds or not. Actually, some of my friends, and family members would always say that I look thinner now compared to the previous months. So, tomorrow will be a judging for my health as well as for my weights. Therefore, let us wait and be excited whatever the result for my tomorrow’s judging hours. Honestly, I am so eager to know what will be the final judging of my health and weight by tomorrow. Coolness!  Continue reading